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Low-noise 67 DB diesel generator from the HEAVY DUTY line of HYUNDAI.

This model has a 1500 RPM motor that can deliver 100KVA. It can deliver this power for up to 8 hours thanks to the economical Hyundai Diesel engine that is of top quality. Because this generator has a waterproof canopy, it will be able to perform in wind and weather. This is of course what every craftsman is waiting for: A powerful machine that delivers the power that a craftsman needs at any time. This Hyundai generator has a voltage of 400/230 and a battery with 60 Ah capacity. Furthermore, this generator has a tank of 93 liters, which means that it can supply energy for about 8 and a half hours with its consumption of 10.7 liters.

To monitor this machine, there is of course an extensive control panel. It has many sensors that will show you all the values ​​you may need. Apart from these sensors, this generator is also equipped with many different warnings. This way you can quickly and easily see when the diesel is almost empty or, for example, if a malfunction occurs.