DeWALT DXGNi35E Inverter-Benzingenerator 3400 W

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The DEWALT DXGNi35E features advanced inverter technology that delivers clean, stable and constant power, which is essential for sensitive devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

The DEWALT inverter power generator petrol 3400Watt DXGNi35E is a powerful and reliable generator for use in a wide range of applications. With a nominal power of 3200 watts and a peak power of 3400 watts, this generator provides sufficient energy for the operation of devices and tools on construction sites, at the campsite or for emergencies.

The compact and lightweight design of the DEWALT DXGNi20E makes it easy to carry and store. The power generator is equipped with a practical carrying handle and weighs only 27 kg. The unit features a durable and reliable petrol engine that operates quietly, efficiently and offers a long runtime for continuous operation.

The DEWALT Inverter Generator Gasoline 3400 Watt DXGNi35E is easy to use and maintain. The device has both oil shortage protection and overload protection to ensure long life and reliable operation. Maintenance is minimal and the robust construction of the device makes it extremely durable and reliable.

In summary, the DEWALT Inverter Generator Gasoline 3400 Watt DXGNi35E is an excellent generator for use on construction sites, camping or for emergencies. With its performance, reliability and ease of operation, this generator is the ideal solution for mobile power needs.

Special characteristics

Eco mode
The engine speed automatically and precisely adjusts to the corresponding load. Automatic engine speed control saves fuel, extends engine life and reduces noise emissions.

Low oil protection
Our automatic low oil shut-off prevents engine damage. If the oil level drops to a critical level, the device switches off automatically.

Overload protection with automatic shut-off
The practical overload protection ensures that the device switches off automatically when the load is too high.

Silent operation
The quiet operation convinces even noise-sensitive customers. Mufflers and the soundproof housing significantly reduce the operating noise of your device.

Der DC-Ausgang 12 V mit 8,3 A zum Laden eines Akkus und die beiden 5 V USB-Ausgänge geben Ihnen die Flexibilität, die Sie brauchen.

Die Leichtbauweise reduziert das Gewicht auf ein absolutes Minimum. Dadurch können Sie das Gerät einfach und bequem überallhin mitnehmen.

  • EAN: 8435528162886
  • Gewicht: nur 27 kg
  • 3400 Watt maximale Leistung
  • 3200 Watt Dauerleistung
  • Manueller und elektrischer Starter für einfaches Starten
  • Sehr leise mit nur 58 dB(A)/7m
  • Reine Sinus-Technologie (TSW)
  • ECO-Modus zur Kraftstoffeinsparung
  • Abmessungen: 34,5 x 58 x 52 cm (B x L x H)