Tool trolley filled

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Tool trolley filled "Blackline"


This solid  tool trolley  has 6 tool drawers, 4 of which are completely filled with tools. This "Black Line" tool trolley is of good quality and easy to use. This tool trolley comes with four stable wheels, two wheels with brake to move easily and safely. These wheels are mounted to operate as excellent at full load and ensure good maneuverability. The tool carriage  is also provided with a control grip. The tool drawers are fully extendable and of good quality. By means of a cylinder lock, this tool trolley completely closable.

Product specifications of the "Black Line" tool trolley:

  • 22-piece socket set 1/2 " 
  • 20-piece socket set 3/8 " 
  • 19-part socket set 1/4 " 
  • 6-piece cross-head screwdriver 
  • 6-part flat-head screwdriver 
  • 20-piece electrical and precision screwdriver set 
  • 13-membered ring ratchet wrench set 
  • 41-piece socket bit set, and 
  • 8- piece ringsleutelset 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15,16x17,18x19,20x22mm
  • 17-part socket wrench 6mm t / m 22mm
  • 3-part set of pliers 
  • 2-piece water pump, and locking pliers 
  • 4-piece borgveertangenset 
  • Tool trolley filled "Blackline"